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Who knew a root canal could be so enjoyable! The High Street front desk staff were helpful and understanding. Dr. Jake's assistant was gentle and sweet, and Dr. Jake made me feel comfortable throughout a procedure that is usually very uncomfortable. I drove from Tahoe to see Dr. Jake because of the rave referral I received from a dentist in Auburn and am so glad I did! Thank you!!

Emily V.

I gladly report back that I've had absolutely no pain, no swelling and actually hard to believe I even had any work done. Amazing. Just like after the first procedure that you did. ALSO Casey was terrific!  Your staff is wonderful, your office is beautiful.Thanks again for all you have done for me. See you in about 6 months,
A Happy Patient

I never had a root canal procedure done and Dr. Jake and staff made me feel very comfortable through the whole experience! He was very thorough and explained everything he was doing. The office was very clean and really nicely decorated! I had no residual problems after my prcedure and Dr. Jake even called me the next day to see how I was doing! An overall really great experience without any pain or side affects. Thank you Dr. Jake and the whole staff.  Ed O.



My experience was absolutely great. The ladies were very professional and friendly. Dr. Hashagen explained everything before the root canal so there was no questions on my part. Most important I did not have any pain or discomfort during the procedure nor have I had any. If I ever need another root canal (I hope I don't) I will go to Dr. Hashagen and I highly recommend him to everyone. Thank you Dr. Hashagen.                 Dolores